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“Get Behind a Team with PROVEN Conversions and Great EPCs Across Multiple Launches When You Promote This Unique Real Estate Lead Gen System & Software…”
Cash in on the $3k JV Contest and Insane Conversions with this Highly Congruent Funnel

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We go LIVE on July 26th @ 11am EST

Launch Ends on July 30th @ 11:59 EST

Why Promote?

Expect Great Conversions!

Our product consistenly produce $2-5 front end EPC’s with $10+ on our oto’s. You can expect us to bring the heat with this launch just like we always do! Just check out some of stats below to see for yourself…

Killer Front End Offer

Not only is this offer a smoking deal at the $17-27 price point but it’s loaded with bonuses that local marketers are going to love. Like all of our launches you can expect killer conversions and happy customers!

Highly Congruent Funnel

We have multiple OTO’s in place that have proven to convert like hot cakes. We’ve tested this funnel extensively and it flat out works. Expect to see some amazing conversions on our Training and Software OTO’s.

JV Cash Contest

In addition to multiple OTO’s and sweet commission on the entire funnel we’ve also got a $3,000 JV Cash Contest to earn even more cash straight to your Paypal! It’s based on total sales and pays out the day after the launch ends.

Promo Materials

Launch Schedule

Thursday, July 26th – Cart Opens at 11am EST

Early Bird Ends with Price Increase @ 5pm EST

– Price Increases @ Midnight EST

Friday, July 27th

– Price Increases @ 5pm EST

– Price Increases @ Midnight EST

Saturday July 28th

– Price increases @ 5pm EST

– Price Increases @ Midnight EST

Sunday July 29th

– Price Increases @ 5pm EST

– Price Increases @ Midnight EST

Monday July 30th (closing day)

– Price Increases @ 5pm EST

– Final Price Increase to $67 @ Midnight EST

The Sales Funnel

FE: Training + Software


OTO #1 – Marketing Bundle


OTO #2 – Real Estate Commercial Creator




OTO #3 – Real Estate Listing Creator



Do Our Products Convert?

Just check out some of our stats from our previous launches…

sr pro 500

WSO of the Day


8.5 EPC

Plus We Reciprocate for our JV Partners!

lee cole 1st

Todd Leaderboard




josh testimonial

We also have $3,000 in JV Prizes!

Grab your piece of the progressive prize pool – the more sales you make – the more you earn!

Level One Prizes

1st Prize
$500 Cash

2nd Prize
$250 Cash

3rd Prize
$150 Cash
Contest Details: Places are tracked based on gross sales amount meaning the OTO’s are included. Prize value must be equal to or greater than total sales generated. Teams are allowed but only up to two people.

Level Two Prizes

1st Prize
$900 Cash

2nd Prize
$450 Cash

3rd Prize
$350 Cash
Level Two Details: Qualify for these prizes by placing in the contest and reaching the minimum sales totals. Keep in mind the contest is based on total sales. 1st Place – 90 Sales, 2nd Place – 50 Sales, 3rd Place – 40 Sales, 4th Place – 30 Sales, 5th Place – 20 Sales

Level Three Prizes!

1st Prize
$1,500 Cash

2nd Prize
$700 Cash

3rd Prize
$400 Cash
Level Three Details: Qualify for these prizes by placing in the contest and reaching the minimum sales totals. Keep in mind the contest is based on total sales. 1st Place – 150 Sales, 2nd Place – 75 Sales, 3rd Place – 50 Sales, 4th Place – 35 Sales, 5th Place – 25 Sales

What’s Included in the Main Offer?

Proven Real Estate Lead Gen & Prospecting System

real estate funnel
The main offer consists of our video training series and bonus Real Estate Commercial Flyer Creator.

We teach how to prospect for, get in front of and land real estate agents for monthly recurring lead gen services.

Then we show your subcsribers how to actually drive leads for real estate agents using our proven funnel that leverages Facebook, Remarketing, Email and IDX technology.

This course is a massive value on it’s own, the system we’re teaching is backed by years of results and testing in our agency.

Plus we’ve got a KILLER Software Bonus that is going to Send Conversions Through the Roof!

Create Professional Real Estate Flyers (Perfect FID Service) in Just a Few Clicks! Check out the demo…

Killer Bonus – Real Estate Flyer Creator

However to make this offer a complete no-brainer, irresistible for any local marketer, we’re also including our Real Estate Flyer Creator software!

This software makes it easy to create real estate flyers from any listing in just a few clicks! All you have to do is simply plugin in the url, make a few quick customization and boom you’ve got a flyer pitching the house your agent is selling!

These are highly useful (normally not cheap) for Real Estate agents and serve as the perfect angle, foot in the door or add on service.

As you can tell this is a killer package that is the perfect fit any local marketing and should convert like crazy!


Multiple High Converting OTO’s

OTO #1 – Marketing Promo Bundle

Our first OTO is a marketing promotional toolkit for selling lead gen services to real estate agents!

The package includes flyers, brochure, PPC Ads, Promo Video, Postcards and more.

We’ve seen great success with these type of OTO’s at a similar price point to the front end offer so expect great conversions.



OTO #2 – RE Commercial Creator

Next we’ve got our Real Estate Flyer Commercial Creator software that works similarly to the flyer creator.

Simply plugin in your agents listing URL, make some customizations and produce a professional listing commercial in minutes!

You can sell these videos as an add on service, use them to drive traffic, give them away as a bonus…anything you want with an unlimited Agency License!

OTO #3 – RE Listing Site Creator

For our final OTO we’ve got our single site listing creator that also works in a similar fashion to the other pieces of software in this funnel.

Simply plugin the url of the listing, do a little customization and then boom you’ve got a stunning listing website!

Again this is a great add-on, FID or ongoing service to offer and the perfect compliment to the main offer!

As you can see this is one of those funnels that just makes perfect sense. On the front end you get the course for landing clients, the system for landing them AND the video creator software.

Then all three OTO’s are designed to compliment the main offer perfectly meaning they should convert like crazy!

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