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The reason bundling in add-on services with the leads your sending agents works so well is it make it so you're not selling them x leads for x dollars.

Since many agents have been burned by companies that sell leads like Boomtown or Zillow (you can Google the horror stories) it's easier to sell a "monthly marketing package" then straight up leads.

While Flyers are a great add-on and much needed service, creating real estate commercials for ever listing takes things to another level.

With these real estate commercials you can market your clients properties with Video ads on Facebook or YouTube, Rank them on Google, post them on your clients website...the opportunities for exposure are endless!

Real Estate Agents LOVE having commercials like these to promote their listing but HATE paying for them each time and really just don't want to to deal with it.

That's why offering these Real Estate Listing Commercials as part of your monthly marketing packages is such a great add-on. It's a win-win situation, you make a little more monthly and the agent gets far more value out of the package.

The problem for is actually creating the videos! That's why we built this super easy to use yet powerful Real Estate Commercial creator to pumps out stunning commercials in just a few clicks!

Create Real Estate Commercials to Package with Your Recurring Services In Just a Few Clicks!
With the RER Commercial Creator it's Easy to Create Professional Videos in minutes even if you're not tech savvy...
  • Populate Your Listings in a One Click!
  • Create Multiple Videos for One Listing
  • Drag & Drop Video Elements
  • Customize Your Content Quickly
  • Create and Store Unlimited Videos
  • Produce, Sell & Profit Endlessly!

What's great about the RER Commercial Creator is how easy it is to quickly get the result your looking for without crazy technical headaches.

All you simply have to do is grab the URL of your clients listing, punch it into the software, make a few customization and boom! Now you've got an amazing real estate video that you can sell to your clients.

You can create and store unlimited videos, download as need and use them as needed to market your clients listings!

***Inlcudes Unlimited Video Agency License***
The best part is you can profit over and over from these Real Estate Commercials at no additional cost to you after upgrading! Easily charge your clients $100's per video and keep 100% of the profit!
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Local Video Ranking Blueprint

One of the easiest add-on services you can offer with  Real Estate Commercial Creation is ranking those videos on Google and YouTube.

This checklist will give you a step-by-step process you can follow get your clients videos ranked quick and easy every time.

You can easily charge your clients per video or a monthly fee for ranking and all you have to is simply follow this checklist to get the results you need!

YouTube Ads for Local Training

One of the best ways to get dirt cheap targeted local video traffic is by leveraging the power of YouTube Ads for local businesses.

In this exclusive bonus training you'll learn how to setup an ad campaign for your real estate clients and charge them recurring fees for doing so!

You'll see the tricks to setting up a killer campaign, how to use geo and time based targeting to flood almost any business with foot traffic!

Now is the perfect time to offer video advertising and this training will give you a blueprint you can run with immediately!

video ads

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Script

It doesn't matter if your'e creating a 10 second video or two hour webinar presentation, this VSL can help you convert viewers into leads and sales.

This script has been tested and tweaked for years, to date it's responsible for nearly a million dollars in sales. The best part it works for ANY product or service you or your clients offer.

We could sell this script by itself for more than this entire package but because we want to give you the best chance to convert your videos we're including it for FREE when you upgrade today.

You'll Also Get to Join us for a Live Group Coaching Call and Get to Keep the Replay!

By Combining these Real Estate Commercials with Your Main Lead Gen Services and Flyers Creation you'll have the perfect monthly marketing package for real estate agents.

You can easily sell these video individually or even offer them as a bonus for signing up...either way you'll be able to create UNLIMITED Commercials for all your agents in just a few clicks!

Not only that but by when you take us up on this upgrade offer, you'll get to join us for an exclusive group coaching session where we'll show you exactly how to use this video creator to make maximum profits from every agent!

I'm sure you know that we could charge WAY more for this upgrade but since we want to give you everything you need to be successful we're making it available at a steal of a price for RER members during this launch.

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