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Now that you have our system for driving real estate leads and the perfect FID service to offer agents, the key is to get in front of as many prospects as possible to close the recurring deals.

Since we know that many agents have been burned by companies selling crappy leads or wasting their money trying to advertise themselves with no success, we designed this funnel to overcome those objections.

The best way to close prospects is to first educate them on how your services help them and why they need to be implementing the strategies you offer without giving them too much so the run off and do it themselves.

Because we know creating this type of sales funnel is expensive, time consuming and challenging if you're not a great copywriter or just getting started we decided to give you our DFY funnel for attracting and closing real estate agents on complete autopilot!

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The Real Estate Revolution Client Attraction & Conversion Upgrade Package
Everything you need to land high paying real estate agents on autopilot...
  • Flyers
  • Postcards
  • Facebook Display Ads
  • Instagram Display Ads
  • Facebook Video Ad
  • YouTube Display Ad
  • Youtube Video Ad
  • Retargeting Ads

These client attraction materials are designed to help you drive real estate agents back to the conversion funnel I'll tell you more about in a second.

Whether you are meeting agents in person (easy) or running ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all of these materials are scripted to peak interest and get prospects visiting your optin page.

The copy is professionally written by a million dollar copywriter with a focus on driving real estate leads on autopilot using paid advertising strategies.

This strategy works wonders as it educates the prospects on the "why it works" without giving away the how and driving them you to actually implement the service for them!

Plus You Get Our Client Closing Sales Funnel!
Plug and Play this High Converting, Done for you Real Estate Agent Conversion Funnel...

Professionally Designed Landing Page

Once you've gotten your prospect attention (online or offline) you'll want to send them to a landing page where you can capture their information and follow up.

This landing page was designed to be irresistible to any real estate agent interested in generating more leads for their business...which is all of them!

Professional copy using a powerful headline, impact benefits and a strong closing statement make this landing page the ultimate real estate agent prospect tool.

The best part is it's ready to go right out of the box, simply plug in your autoresponder code and your ready to start capturing leads!


Prospect Educating Lead Magnet

Once prospects (real estate agents) optin to your landing page you'll need to provide them with a high quality lead magnet that drives them to take the next step such as call you, visit your website or send you an email.

This lead magnet (in alignment with the ad copy) teaches agents 7 strategies for generating leads with Facebook and then prompts them to contact you to set it all up for them.

The content is designed in a way that it explains what the agent needs to do (providing just enough value) without actually showing them "how" to do it so they still need your help.

This lead magnet comes ready to go out of the box but you can easily customize it to match your business, claim ownership and use it as you see fit!

Client Closing Promo Video

It's no secret that adding a complimentary video to your sales or landing pages pitching your offer increases conversions.

In addition the landing page with custom copy we've also scripted and created a promo video you can easily customize use to increase your optin rates!

This video was professionally scripted and produced to give your business the look it deserves for pennies on the dollar.

You get the core video file as well as the script in case you'd like to shoot the video in person or have somebody create one in another style that matches your brand.


Conversion Boosting Email Series

Follow up, follow up, follow up! When it comes to closing agents for recurring monthly's all about the follow up!

To help you automate this process we've provided a powerful 4-part email series designed to push agents to take action on your offer.

Again written by our highly paid copywriter these emails are ready to go with minimal customization right out of the box!

Simply plug these high converting emails into your autoresponder and let them do the heavy lifting (pitching your services) for you!

It would Normally Cost You $100's to Create Such a Powerful Client Landing Sales Funnel Like this!

By combining this professionally designed client attraction and conversion funnel with our core lead gen methods you'll have everything you need to start landing real estate agents for recurring monthly services immediately!

You already have our powerful system at your fingertips for driving leads and the perfect foot in the door service, now it's time to take it to another level with this upgrade package.

It would cost you thousands of dollars to create this material yourself but right now you can have this entire setup for a mere fraction of that when you upgrade during this special launch offer.

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